Author: Father David Hopkins

The Coronation of King Charles iii is a historic moment in the life of our nation, but also across the Commonwealth of nations and further afield.

It might be that by the time you read this- this momentous event will have already taken place.

Various events throughout the country and world will have taken place to mark this occasion.

Some, like us, will have gone to London to witness the event. I had said to Bethan years ago, that when this event took place, I would like to be there. We haven’t received an invitation – yet…, and there have been no special favours. We will be part of the crowds – peering over heads and shoulders with the majority.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Golden coach especially, along with all the

pageantry that goes along with such an occasion as this. I have as many of you know always been a fan of the Royals, always collecting royal memorabilia since I was a child.

Some of you will have received the small booklet, “Daily Prayers for the Coronation” in which there are daily prayers with readings and thoughts for the day between Easter and the day itself on 6th May.

This can be also  found “on line, if you’ve not managed to get a physical copy.

On day 13 of the booklet, I / we are reminded of the necessity of our reliance upon the Holy Spirit. The 1625 coronation of the King Charles I used a translation  of the Latin hymn “Veni Creator Spiritus” (Come Holy Spirit) by John Cosin, which has been sung at every coronation since, and without exception, will be sung at Charles III s coronation too. This beautiful

hymn was then included in the Book of Common prayer and has also appeared in subsequent confirmation and ordination services. It will be part of Annabels   ordination to the priesthood  on Saturday 1st June at Sheffield Cathedral. (Details to follow).

At the end of May (28th) we will also be celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)  reminding us afresh that, whoever we are, we can do nothing without the “celestial fire”.

Another hymn by Charles Wesley echoes this truth,

“O thou who camest from above…there let it for thy glory burn” and “still let me guard thy holy fire and still stir up thy gifts in me.”

God bless King Charles with the heavenly gift.

A prayer for the King:

Almighty God the fountain of all goodness,

bless our Sovereign Lord King Charles, and Queen Camilla. Endue them with your Holy Spirit; enrich them with your heavenly grace; prosper them with all happiness and bring them to your everlasting Kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.